Starter Triangle for Chevron Panels and Clear Seam Sealing Tape

Starter Triangle for Chevron Panels and Clear Seam Sealing Tape
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On this page we sell "Precut V98 Triangles" for starting a chevron panel design and we also sell "Clear Seam Sealing Tape". Use the drop down menu above to order either of these products.

Pre-Cut Triangles

Creating a chevron panel on any vehicle is relatively simple.  You find dead center, mark it with a line top to bottom, and then apply a triangle with 45 degree angled sides to the center at the bottom.  From that point on you simply apply alternating colors and trim.  

On this page we have our precut starter triangles. They are cut from Orafol/Reflexite V98 material which is the same material we use for all of our rolls and panels on this site. To use them you simply peel, stick and press on with a soft cloth or rubber squeegee.  Our starter triangles measure 5.5" tall and about 11" wide at the base. The angles are exactly 45 degrees to meet NFPA 1901 standards. Along with the triangle you would need to purchase 6" V98 Chevron Striping in fluorescent lime and red.  With these items you would have all you need to create vivid, reflective chevrons on your vehicles or trailers.

chevron panel center triangle


Our starter triangles are available in red and fluorescent lime. They are priced at $10 each with no additional shipping.  You can make your quantity and color choice above using the drop down menus. (they match our V98 chevron striping rolls on this site exactly)

Clear Seam Sealing Tape

Our Oracal Clear Chevron Seam Tape can be used to seal the seam between two chevron panels or to seal the edge of a panel.  This protects the edges of your panel and prevents lifting thus extending the life of the application.  Application is very simple. Rated for a 6 year outdoor life.

To seal the seam between two panels you simply cut a piece to size for the seam, peel off the backing, and apply.  The tape is nearly invisible.  

To seal the edges of a panel you cut to size, peel the backing and apply all the way around the panel.  One half of the tape will be on the panel and the other half on the vehicle surface. This will assure that the edges stay down. 


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