Shadow (Ghost) Reflective Chevron Decals - White or Black

Shadow (Ghost) Reflective Chevron Decals - White or Black
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Price $40.00

Quantity 1 = One Reflective Shadow Chevron Decal in either WHITE or BLACK (both left and right slants - transfer taped and ready to apply)

Shadow (Ghost) Chevron Panels are designed to blend in to a black or white vehicle so that they are almost invisible in the daytime, but are highly reflective and visible at night.  For our shadow chevrons, we use Oralite Rapid Air Fleet Engineer Grade reflective film, the best quality material on the market.  This material utilizes rapid air technology, which allows air to escape during installation, making the application much easier.

black shadow reflective chevron

(image above - 4 inch chevron with 4 inch spacing)

We offer 5 configurations each in either black or white -

4" x 64" Decal with 4 inch spacing - $60

6" x 64" Decal with 4 inch spacing - $70

4" x 70" Decal with 2 inch spacing - $60

6" x 70" Decal with 2 inch spacing - $70

Motorcycle Chevron Decal - 8 x 14 - Pair (see picture below) - $40 (1.25" stripes)

chevron ghost reflective chevron panel

(image above - 4 inch chevron with 2 inch spacing)

For our automobile chevrons, the slants on the decals are 4 inches wide when measured diagonally.  We have two styles. One where the slants are spaced 4 inches apart, and one where the slants are spaced 2 inches apart. (see pictures) The 4 inch spaced panels have a total length of 64 inches, and the 2 inch spaced panel has a total length of 70 inches.  The material can be easily trimmed if necessary with scissors, so if you have more length than you need, simply trim it off and apply.

Our motorcycle chevrons have 1.25" wide stripes spaced 1.25" inches apart and can also be trimmed for a perfect fit. Our motorcycle decals are 8 inches wide by 14 inches tall, so there should be plenty of material to cover any motorcycle panniers or saddle bags. Trimming prior to application is recommended.

Black Ghost Shadow Reflective Chevron Decal Sticker

Shadow chevrons are often seen on the back of police cruisers, and are great for law enforcement, utility, work, personal, or any vehicle that wants to increase safety and visibility.

APPLICATION - There are several ways to apply our shadow chevron decals.  The images on this page show the way that I prefer.  Basically, to apply, you peel off the release liner backing which will expose the adhesive side of the decal.  Then you apply the decal, squeegee on, and remove the top transfer tape layer. Before doing this, I like to line up my design using masking tape to hold the decal in place.  This assures a straight application.

shadow chevron panels white black

Shadow Chevron Police Patrol Cars Reflective

reflective ghost shadow chevron black white decal