Motorcycle & Small Vehicle Reflective Panels - Sold By The Foot

Motorcycle & Small Vehicle Reflective Panels - Sold By The Foot
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Price $20.00

Quantity 1 = 1 foot of left or right slant panel (normally purchased in equal amounts of right and left slant)

Our 6" wide chevron panels are sold "By The Foot" and are perfect for marking the rear of motorcycles or any other small vehicle such as ATV's or UTV's.  Purchase as many feet as you need and trim and cut on site to create a custom look for you bike or small vehicle.  The stripes are 2" wide when measured diagonally. The panels are available in a left slant and right slant.  To create a chevron pattern equal amounts of each slant should be purchased.   They are easy to trim and easy to apply.  We use Reflexite V98 conformable material.  It is a softer vinyl based prismatic film and is definately the easiest reflective film to work with.  It is the fire protection industries favorite reflective film.  

Incredibly reflective at night and highly visible during the day due to the prismatic design of the material and the fluorescent lime and red color combination.  Be seen for thousands of feet away for maximum safety.

The image at the bottom of this page shows the panel installed on a motor bike.  As you can see the decal is easy to trim.  The slanted stripes are 2" wide.  We have this panel in the following color combination -

  • Red and Fluorescent Lime

The panels are self adhesive and have a peel off backing. (For difficult surfaces such as textured plastics a primer of contact cement can be applied to the surface and allowed to dry prior to installation of the reflective panel.)

You can make you choice using the drop down menu above.  Select left slant and then enter the number of feet you need.  Then select right slant and do the same.

6" Chevron Panels (left or right) - $20 per foot plus shipping