BLOCK (AT&T Style) or BATTENBURG Reflective Panels - BY THE FOOT

BLOCK (AT&T Style) or BATTENBURG Reflective Panels - BY THE FOOT
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Price $7.00

Quantity 1 =1 Foot Block AT&T Style Red/Lime Striping OR Battenburg Checkered Pattern Panel

NOTE - We have block ATT style panels and Battenburg Panels on this page.  See pictures for difference.  You can use the drop down windows above to make your selection.

(The image below in a Battenburg Pattern)

block battenburg att reflective panel red orange lime

(Image above is a Battenburg Checkered Pattern)

On this page we sell our Pre-Striped BLOCK (AT&T Style) Panels and our Battenburg Checkered Panels by the foot. (MINIMUM order is 5 feet) 12"/12" block or 12" Battenburg pattern (see pictures). Available in Fluorescent Lime and Red or Fluorescent Lime and Orange. (other colors available by special request)  Self adhesive.  Peel off the backing and apply to a clean, smooth surface.

NOTE - MINIMUM order is 5 feet per roll.

 Buy as many feet as you need and then simply cut off what you need for each vehicle you wish to stripe.  Prices are as follows.

  • 2" Wide Rolls - $7 per linear foot (ATT Block Only)
  • 4" Wide Rolls - $10 per linear foot ATT/ $12 Battenburg
  • 6" Wide Rolls - $12 per linear foot ATT / $14 Battenburg
  • 8" Wide Rolls - $18 per linear foot (Battenburg Only)
  • 12" Wide Rolls - $24 per linear foot (Battenburg Only)

Our By The Foot Block (AT&T Style) or Battenburg Checkered rolls feature 12" alternating colors.  12" lime, 12" red or orange.  We use Oralite V98 material and Orafol red or orange overlay to create our panels.  This is the best material on the market.  It is conformable and repositionable as well as being extremely tough and bright.

(The image below is a Block ATT pattern - from left to right 6", 4", 2")

(Roll above on left is a 6" wide Block Style roll.  Middle roll is 4". Roll on the right is a 2" roll.)

(Image below is of a Battenburg Pattern Panel on a Van - 6")

(Photo above is of a Battenburg Pattern)

We create the pre-striped BLOCK pattern (AT&T style) or Battenburg Checkered rolls for customers who have multiple vehicles and want to save money by buying in bulk.   The material is easy to cut and apply.  Just cut what you need.

(Image below is a Block ATT style pattern)

You can use the drop down menus above to make you selection.  Select the width roll, then select the color combination you would like and finally enter the number of feet you need. A picture of orange and lime is at the bottom of this page.

(Image above is a Block Style and Image Below is a Battenburg)

Red Lime Battenburg in Various Sizes


Orange Lime ATT Block Reflective Panel 

Orange Lime Battenburg Checkered Reflective Panel

(Panel above is an orange lime Battenburg.  Panel below is a red lime Battenburg)

Lime Red Battenburg Checkered Reflective Panel

battenburg lime red panel reflective van